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Relieve Your Tension, Increase Blood Flow and Live Pain-Free With The RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager!

RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager works by using a combination of low-frequency electrical impulses, consistent heat, and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology for instant relief and maximum comfort.

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"Had months of neck pain from bad posture/sleeping position that radiated like a migraine (pain was under my occiput). I now use the RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager 10 to 15 minutes a day and it relieves all the tension that has built during the day. Helps with a good nights sleep." - Beverly M

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Leading Chiropractor says "Neck pain can affect sleep and overall posture health."

Relieving neck pain is a game changer when it comes to caring for your overall body. Poor posture, working at a desk for too long and sleeping in a bad position are some of the things that aggravates your neck and can cause extreme neck tension. The RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager can help counteract years of tension.

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The RevitaJoint Neck Massager..
Relieve Pain, Relieve Tension, Relieve Headaches

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Do you have constant headaches?

Neck pain and headaches are often mentioned at the same time, as neck pain can cause a headache. When your neck muscles tense up, the result can be a headache. These conditions can result in tightened muscles at the back of your neck and the base of your skull.

Do you have brain fog?

When the neck is out of alignment your nervous system, can't do it's job. This can lead to poor circulation. When your brain does not get the blood and oxygen it requires to function, you'll often experience side effects like headaches and migraines.

Do you get sick often?

White blood cells are the key player in your immune system. Because white blood cells are stored in certain glands which are connected to the skin through nerves, not taking care of your neck means you won't be simulating those nerves, allowing these glands to release white blood cells into the body's circulation that helps your immune system.

Do you have eye or jaw tension?

Your neck, shoulders, and back muscles connect to your jaw, so tightness in any of these areas can impact the others.

Do you have poor circulation?

Well, when the neck is out of alignment then the information system from your brain to your body - your nervous system, can't do it's job. This can lead to poor circulation.

Do you have low energy levels?

If you have neck pain, the effects go beyond physical. Neck pain can have a serious detrimental effect on your mood, sapping your energy, leading to depressed thoughts and hitting your confidence hard.

Do you have neck stiffness?

Its not just a fall or sport injury that can cause your neck muscles to be strained resulting in your neck to be sore. Even regular slouching while using a computer or looking downward at your phone can cause neck stiffness.

Are you always stressed out?

When our body is tense, so is our nervous system. Our heart rate rises and so does our breathing. Companies like Google make sure their employees focus on a relaxed body because it lessens employee stress and also helps them stay happy with their job.

The RevitaJoint Neck Massager is the answer you’ve been looking for

Over 2,783+ 5-Star Reviews

"Within a few minutes of using this product I began to feel relief from the pain."
~Chris P

WHAT MAKES The RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager

The Perfect Neck Massager

Easy to Operate

Control 3 massage modes with 15 levels of intensity and heat function

Easy Mobile Charging

Micro-USB general interface, rechargeable battery,support up to 8 times use per charge.

360° Floating Suspension Electrodes

Selected stainless steel electrodes features safe TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy to provide natural pain relief

Skin-Friendly Silicone Pad

Breathable soft silicone feel for comfort

Portable and Discrete

Completely soundless during use and neck relief in absolute privacy

There is no better feeling than a soothing, comfortable and relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home!

It's a life changing experience!

WHY RevitaJoint IS FOR YOU

RevitaJoint Is Perfect For You If...

You want to be free of headaches and migraines

You want to wake up clear, focused, full of energy

You want to stay relaxed at all times even at home

You want to have incredible blood circulation

You want to feel wonderful

It's basically perfect for everyone!

Relieve Your Tension, Increase Blood Flow and Live Pain-Free

Experience RevitaJoint and see what you've been missing. Because you deserve it!

Loosen Your Neck With RevitaJoint!

Instead of spending a fortune on chiropractors and massages, all you need is a RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager!

Believe it or not, fitness industry professionals have known about the amazing benefits of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for a while now. It makes perfect sense when you realize that all of your pain is being controlled by your nerve endings. (TENS) therapy sends electric currents at or near nerves. TENS therapy can help block or change your perception of pain.

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What makes RevitaJoint different

Not All Neck Massagers Are The Same

One of the biggest misunderstanding about neck massagers is that people think they are all the same.

We've made sure that RevitaJoint is the absolute best massager you can buy. One of the biggest differences is that almost all neck massagers you find at stores works via mechanical function, which is generally bulkier, heavier, works only when wired to an outlet and cheaper to produce. The RevitaJoint Neck Massager is lightweight, targets the root cause of your pain, and portable - which means you can use it almost anywhere. That's HUGE.

You deserve a pain-free body!

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Improve Your Health With The Help Of RevitaJoint!

Why Our Customers Love us

Real People Real Results

Donna R.

"Great pulse massager for a hard day on the job!"

"I love the white color and its so lightweight!!! It's very easy to use and feels incredible when I'm at work taking a short break from checking on the lines and gauges. I come inside, loosen up my boots and place this device around my neck, turn it on and literally a few minutes later I feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energized.The pulsations it sends thru my neck and down into my shoulders is reminiscent of my TENS machine, but not as intense. A much more mellow and relaxing sensation; kinda like a cat kneading my neck:-) The instructions are easy to read and follow and charging is nothing more than plugging in the provided cord and 90ish minutes later it's full and ready to go for hours."

Jennifer M.

"Best I have ever bought!"

"This massager is the best I have ever bought. I have really bad neck problems and really loosens those tight muscles."

Natalie B.

"Stress relief!"

"I have a job that requires me to be on a computer for much of the day, and I have three monitors. These factors combine to place a lot of stress on my neck and shoulders and finding time to go stretch, massage, or whatever is tough. This device actually allowed me to wear it while working and get some needed relief. It is also quite relaxing at the end of the day to just kick back and let it run through a 15-minute cycle. The small size and portability make that a very simple task."


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First class product

I love this product! Having waited to see whether pulse massagers were just a gimic I took the plunge and bought one. It’s probably one of the best things I have bought this year. I feel so much better.

Vanessa M.

Verified Buyer


Awesome massager

Love this massager💙

Terri L.

Verified Buyer


Love it!

Fits my husbands and my neck without tension. I cannot sleep without doing a session before bed!

Danielle C.

Verified Buyer


My Nightly ritual

Do this before bed every single night. Now I wake up feeling amazing!

Kaitlyn W.

Verified Buyer



I absolutely LOVE your massager! The device alone is gorgeous and the feel is to be experienced to really understand. The best massager! Thank you RevitaJoint!

Wendy C.

Verified Buyer


TENS Massager

I bought it for my mother and she loved it. She said her neck felt amazing and her headaches completely went away.

Jackie F.

Verified Buyer


neck massager

I am enjoying my revitajoint

Edna G.

Verified Buyer


Purchased his and hers

It’s a great value for the money. I just wish it massaged a little bit harder. The highest setting doesn’t really seem to actually massage that hard. But I’ve been having a lot of back pain lately waking up in the mornings and this definitely helps!

Cathy S.

Verified Buyer


Best massager ever

This massager is amazing! I cancelled all my chiropractor appointments

Amanda v.


debilitating headaches no more!!

I really love this device. It's so comfortable, make me sleep easier, and I can see and I know what it does for my neck pain!

Jamie D.

Verified Buyer



I love them ! I got another one for my office. My coworkers take it from me during my lunch break lol

Jamie H.

Verified Buyer


Love it

I thought it was going to be very small, but this is actually a great fit. It didn't come charged, which gave me an opportunity to see how long that took compared to the amount of use time. 20 min charge, 10 min use. Heat works well, really well.

Cynthia S.

Verified Buyer


We Bought 3!

I used to go to a physical therapist, for neck strains due to horrible posture while on my laptop, but the pandemic stopped those sessions, but I can honestly say these are just as soothing as a therapy session. Since I got them, I've been wearing them and laying on my hammock to destress and release some neck strain. The massager turns off automatically after 30 minutes to not overwhelm the muscles. Re: electric pulse strength, I expected this to be extremely dull in power but it has about 15 levels of power. I've only gotten up to about 7 or so, but might increase over time. This was honestly my best purchase of 2021 thus far.

Kelley M.

Verified Buyer


Comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use.

I work on a computer all day and by mid-day, my neck is killing me. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis in my neck. I have a tens unit that gives me relief but it's harder to use it at work with the cable and everything. I saw this being advertised and bought it immediately, I use it nonstop. It is like a cordless tens unit. It helps my neck pain so much and I can wear it at work. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It just needs to be charged and it has long battery life. It comes with a charger and it has 3 massaging modes.

Elena D.

Verified Buyer



Love the new design

christina f.

Verified Buyer


Best massager ever!

I will never use any other kind❤


Verified Buyer


RevitaJoint has outdone themselves

Absolutely LOVE it ! No more neck pain or headaches. Best massager ever. I bought a few to give out to family members. You have a fan for life!

Dawne B.

Verified Buyer


It works

Love this product. Really helps when my neck hurts.

Julia S.

Verified Buyer


She loves it!

I gave this as a birthday gift to my friend and she absolutely loves it! Even the design.

Jamie K.

Verified Buyer


Love it!!

Best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. My neck feels so relaxed and all the tension is gone. My only regret…. Wished I found RevitaJoint sooner!!

Eadie M.

Verified Buyer


You deserve to live pain-free!

Relieve Your Tension, Relieve Your Stress

Why suffer with neck pain and all the complications that come along with it. You deserve better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager?

The RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager is a device that uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) a technology that uses low-frequency electrical pulse stimulation to restore and stimulate your tired and stiff neck muscles.

Does the RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager use heat?

Yes! It is equipped with 107.6 Fahrenheit constant-temperature and compress technique for ultimate relaxation.

My neck is a little thick, will it still fit?

Yes, its elastic and flexible design allows for all neck sizes.

Will it hurt?

The device should not hurt and is safe. However, the sensations experienced while using the device are novel to most people and can take some adjustment. To make treatment more enjoyable, we recommend you increase intensity in small increments of time, over the course of a few weeks. If you feel the intensity is too strong for you, simply use the remote to stabilize the session.

How can the RevitaJoint™ help with headaches?

Neck pain and headaches are often mentioned at the same time, as neck pain can cause a headache. When you relieve neck tension, this can help alleviate a headaches that stems from nerves connected to the neck.

What are some more benefits of the RevitaJoint™?

“Neck pain” isn’t a simple matter. Fixing your neck pain can have positive effects to your overall health that goes beyond your neck. According to scientific studies, many things are related to neck pain such as: brain fog, blood circulation, jaw tension, energy levels, stress levels, and your immune system. Just with taking proper care of your neck, you may start noticing positive changes to these areas of your health.

Is the RevitaJoint™ Neck Massager easy to use?

Absolutely! All you have to do is turn on the device, wet your neck, put it on your neck and use the remote control. And don't worry, a manual covering everything is included in the package.

Is the RevitaJoint™ safe?

Yes, it's completely safe however please consult with your doctor if you have one of the following medical conditions:

•Heart pacemakers and other implantable medical electronic devices
•Artificial heart or/and lungs and other life-supporting medical devices
•Acute suppurative inflammation patients
•Patients with sensory impairment due to high peripheral circulatory disorders, including diabetes

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, simply contact our customer care center for a full refund of your initial order.

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If you are unhappy with a product, simply return it within 60 days of receiving it and we’ll give you a full refund.
It’s that simple.

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